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From the Camp Site Coordinator
To be eligible to reserve a camp site you must be registered for the event.
"The World's Grandest Jet Event"
Jets Over Kentucky Week July 11th-18th
Set up day is July 8th. Come early, and fly for 10 full days!!!!!
Vendor Information - Contact Lewis Patton
Thanks to the city of Campbellsville, Kentucky, and the Taylor County Airport for their support of Jets Over Kentucky Week.
Jets Over Kentucky Week will offer even more excitement for 2021. Our new location offers growth, sufficient hotels, and unlimited shopping for everyone.
Flying will begin each day at 8:00am and conclude at dark. All flying will be done from the main runway (5003 ft).
All pilots are on the taxiway, and tents are 2 - 40X400 Big Top Tents. It's not economically feasible to offer free space in the big tents, but plenty of space is provided for pop up tents. There are 80 (10X40) tent spaces available on the JOK website; price is 300.00 each section. Pop up tent placement begins at the ends of each big tent, and are first come basis.
Daily updates on RC Universe, and Jets Over Kentucky Facebook pages.
Transport vehicles and trailers will be available for the event
Even more prizes, awards, and surprises for our pilots this year!
Don't miss out on 31 awards, Parade of Lights, Fireworks, and much more!
If you would like to become a sponsor of "The World's Grandest Jet Event"---Contact Lewis Patton
JOK Pilots,
New FAA Mandate:
Jets Over Kentucky 2021 will be affected by the new mandate. "Model activity can proceed only by closure of the airport." Memphis FAA handed down this decision last week. However, Atlanta upon receiving this new request stated they would never approve of airport closure for 10 days.
This put us in a very precarious situation, and produced tremendous stress on me, and the airport! We produced a solution by which the FAA might accept. This solution gives us 8 hours of UNINTERRUPTED flight time each day.
The next item was to produce times for the airport to be open. We decided that the airport would open until 10:00am, and from 3:00pm-5:30pm. That gives us 10:00 to 3:00pm, and 5:30pm until 8:30 for 10 days to fly UNINTERRUPTED.
That's the best we could get, and we're coping with a mandate that all events will now have to deal with. We understand if some might not attend, but this is a consequence BEYOND OUR CONTROL. We anticipate this to still be our best Jets Over Kentucky to date, and hope you understand our current situation.

FAA approval of JOK is 100% assured; just a formality now.  Should get our paperwork Tuesday.

Lewis Patton